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6 Tips to Throw a New Year’s Eve Party

Words byGinger Ray

December 14, 2022



6 Tips to Throw a New Year’s Eve Party
December is a roller-coaster of festive celebrations, work events, Christmas parties and lots of delicious food. But the fun’s not over yet. With a very short window between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, you’ll want the last day of the year to be filled with high spirits.

If you’re wondering how to celebrate New Year’s Eve, why not welcome 2022 with a bang by throwing a party to remember. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to ensure you end 2021 on a memorable note!

1. Send out e-invites

No matter how tight the deadline, you’ll want to send out invitations to your guests as soon as you can. This will avoid your guests making other plans, as well as make it easier to get an idea of how many people will be attending. The easiest way to send out an invitation is via Whatsapp, email or Facebook. Why not consider setting up a group event on Facebook and monitor your guests’ responses directly from there. You’ll want to ensure your invites include the following information:

- Date / Time
- Location
- Whether your guests need to bring anything i.e. a bottle of wine or party nibbles
- What’s the dress code and are +1’s welcome too?
- RSVP date

2. Pick a theme

You can pick any theme for a New Year’s Eve party; however, a bit of glitz and sparkle is sure to get the party started! Assuming you too couldn’t resist the sparkle and decided to opt for a metallic theme, we’ve made everything past this point suitable for both a metallic gold or silver theme with many options to choose from at each stage.